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Adjustable Portable Weight Grip

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Adjustable Portable Weight Grip turns your dumbbells into kettlebells.

In order to expand your equipment options (without breaking the bank) and extend the possibilities of your free weights.

Weighing less than one pound, the sturdy and robustly made device can hold most standard dumbbells up to 55 pounds, instantly turning them into kettlebells.

It can accommodate most dumbbell handles that are at least 4.5″ wide and up to 1.5″ in diameter.

The Weight Grip is not only a seamless way to switch up your at-home workouts without taking up additional space with equipment, but it’s also financially sound.
Standard kettlebells, like this 44-pound option from Dick’s Sporting Goods, usually retail for around $80 each. The Weight Grip not only costs less than half of this, but it also allows users to customize weight capacities and not be confined to only one.

The perfect workout accessory for your travel needs, or to keep in your everyday gym bag. At less than 1lb, this device can hold most standard dumbells up to 55lbs and instantly turn it into a kettlebell.


A portable dumbbell adapter that turns ordinary dumbbells into dynamic workouts. Perfect for the home gym, traveling fitness enthusiast, or trainer/gym owner with limited space; The dumbbell adapter gives you a full kettlebell workout at a range of weights anywhere you can find a dumbbell.

Specifications: Type: Kettlebell Grip
Material: ABS Color: Orange
Size(L*W*H): About 28x21x7cm  
Package Included: 1pc x Kettlebell Grip

Adjustable Portable Weight Grip

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