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Air Conditioned Cooling Jacket Ice Vest

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Cooling off during the summer can seem impossible especially when you're outside all day without shade. Our conditioned cooling jacket will keep you cool and fresh while you're on the go!

Men's Air Conditioned Cooling Jacket Ice Vest

With just one click, you can activate the fans on your cooling vest, circulating the cold air around your body in an instant. Two fans attached at the back of your cooling jacket ensure the cool air travels evenly throughout your body.

Don't worry, wearing your air conditioned jacket over your clothes won't feel like a second layer of clothing! Its lightweight material is like air over your shoulders, keeping you comfy even without cooling fans on.

Bring your ice vest while jogging or when hanging out at the beach just to give you an extra boost of cold air. Never suffer from the summer heat ever again!


Three Speed Control - Have control over the climate while you're doing your daily errands outside. Choose between three fan options on our cooling vest to save you from the extreme summer heat.

Breathable - Clothing fabric can play a large role in how hot you feel when you venture outdoors. Our cooling vest is made of nylon and polyester, which are both very light materials, helping you feel cooler during the summer. 

USB Interface - Keep your cooling fans moving by charging them via a USB connection. Charge your air conditioned clothing while you're resting indoors so that you can use your cooling gear for hours when you're out!

Package Contents

1x Air Conditioned Cooling Jacket
Power-Bank Not Included (Available Here)


Fabric: 100% Nylon
Cloth: 100% Polyester Fibre
Color: White/Light Gray/Army Green
Size Availability: XXS to XL

Air Conditioned Cooling Jacket Ice Vest
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