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IronHeat™ Hot Ironing Ruler

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Accurate pressing is one of the most important parts of the construction process. Having a tool that holds precise, narrow folds and clean angles is critical. And, if that tool allows you to do that without your fingers getting dangerously close to the iron, it's a must-have in your sewing item list! One of our favorite pressing tools, the Hot Ironing Ruler. This ruler is made of super thin, heat-resistant resin with a special non-slip surface.

✅Measure, mark, fold, and press deep hems, long hems, and miter corners
✅The perfect size ruler for large tasks at the pressing station
✅Heat resistant press directly on the ruler
✅ Use with dry or steam iron
✅Unique non-slip surface holds fabric in place for precise results

- Material: Resin
- Size: 20 x 10cm / 7.87 x0.39in
- Thickness: 0.35mm

Product Included: 1 x Hot Ironing Ruler

IronHeat™ Hot Ironing Ruler
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